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Podcast Content Creation Made Easy with AI

Eliminate 87.2% of your audio podcast content creation problems.

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Limitless podcast assets to unlock your growth potential.


High quality transcript of your podcast, with all your speakers labeled.

Show Notes

Your show notes written for you. Copy right into your hosting platform.

Social Media Assets

Newsletter, LinkedIn post, twitter threads, and more ready out of the box.

Quotes & Clips

Meaningful quotes, with the speaker name, timestamp, and a title for your quote.


Your audio split out into timestamps and chapters so listeners know what to expect.

Custom Prompts

ChatGPT for your own audio file. Take your context and create ANY asset.

''This is a podcasting game-changer. For podcast hosts, too much time and effort is wasted in post production. It's overwhelming, frustrating, and costly. Now with AI there's a way to rapidly extract content from podcasts that used to take days to create or was never created at all.''

Jim Rembach

Ultimate Guide of Reasons to Leverage AI for Podcast Editing and Content Creation

AI-powered podcast editing can change the impct and ROI of your podcasting investment.

Reason #1

Huge time and resource savings. Regardless, if you do it yourself or outsource it. 

Reason #2

Automate your workflow and create better and significantly more content.

Reason #3

Generate more sales with less effort.

Turn audio into content, like magic.

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    Why did you start podcasting?

    Podcasting is one of the best methods to build your personal or business brand, target your audience, and generate more sales. But that will never happen if you are unable to get your podcast repurposed into more content with less work.

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    About B2B Digital Marketer Podcast

    Bringing you the best minds and ideas in B2B Digital Marketing. Get innovative and new digital marketing methods to build brands and capture more leads for small to medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and startups trying to sell to other companies while debunking the hype and deleting the dreary.  

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    All Marketing...10x'd

    Create all types of content 10x faster, including blogs, articles, emails, press releases, website copy, funnel copy, landing pages, social media posts, video scripts, freemiums, reports, mind maps, outlines, process maps, worksheets, workbooks, and even books. Our deep learning technology uses preset prompt engineering to generate copy that is tailored to your unique style and tone of voice, making it easy to produce content that truly represents your brand.

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